Products: Summer Legs


Summer is the season of showing things off, is it not? Especially legs...on furniture that is. Beautifully designed legs on a piece of furniture can make that element the focal point of the room. I find that legs are most interesting when added to a more affordable piece like IKEA furniture or great vintage pieces that you may find at estate sale. Paying attention to details is what makes some pieces of furniture feel high-end because they look more customized. I have listed a few of my favorites below.

*All images credited to the company listed below - if you click on an image it takes you directly to the product page!

Pretty Pegs -

A Swedish company that ships worldwide, Pretty Pegs makes legs specifically for Ikea furniture including sofas, tables, storage and beds. If you want pieces in a room to have something in common consider matching all the legs. If you want one piece that has a special touch, just have one special set of legs for that piece of furniture. The legs range from sleek to quirky in a fantastic catalog of finishes and finishes. I especially love the pegs that have some metal to provide some visual contrast.

House of Habit -

The creative materiality used for House of Habits legs is impressive. All the furniture legs are made in Italy, while the company itself is based stateside, in Atlanta. I never thought to specify glass legs on a piece of furniture but it looks gorgeous. House of Habit also have a few brass legs that look stunning. Looking for a bit of bling? They have a leg with hand-applied Swarovski crystals!

Floyd -

I have been following Floyd since I backed the company on Kickstarter. They developed the perfect industrial styled leg for the city dweller. Their product allows you to transform an endless array of flat surfaces into a table. Since their launch they have created legs for beds and even minimal beautiful bookends, but I digress. All of their items are offered in black and white, but some are offered in striking colors as well.

Superfront -

This company is based in Sweden, but luckily furniture legs are one of the products they happen to ship worldwide. Two of the metal legs they offer are offered in a low and high version which can make a big difference in a small room. The more you can see under furniture, the more spacious the room feels. They offer metal legs in chrome, copper, brass, black and white, while their other legs are offered in wood and a multitude of paint colors. All of their products have a modern Scandinavian feel.

These are just a few of the great vendors our there. If you have a fantastic piece of furniture that you feel is missing a little something consider changing out the legs. It is a bit unexpected and it makes the piece more customized to your home.

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