Guest Blog Post: What to Consider When Choosing Wedding Wall Art

By Noreen Turner, Owner of Noreen Turner Photography

Hello brides and grooms! I am Noreen of Noreen Turner Photography and I am thrilled to be here on Shila’s blog talking about wedding wall art. I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for five years and I love helping my clients design art for their homes. It has been said for some time now that having personal photos in your home can help you through rough days and increase confidence levels in children. Displaying these happy moments serves as a reminder of our blessings in life. When done properly displaying your wedding photos can serve not only as a visual reminder of your day but can also add to the style of your home. 

Whether you are recently engaged or married, or you have been married for quite some time, it is never too late or too early to start imagining what your wall piece should look like. Deciding on what to hang in your home can be broken down into several simple steps – where to display the art, what photos to choose, and what type of piece, such as framed prints or canvases. If you are engaged and still searching for a wedding photographer be sure to ask potential photographers about their printing and design services. You will want a photographer that uses quality labs and offers different wall art styles that will complement your home. 

The first decision you will need to make is where you want to display your photos.  Popular locations include above your couch or headboard, in an entryway, a dining room wall, on shelf or other piece of furniture, or in a hallway. The space you have available can help you determine whether you will be able to create a gallery wall, hang one large statement piece, or choose a smaller, subtle setup. Once you have your location in mind you can move on to choosing the perfect photo.

Choosing the photo or photos to display will be the most time-consuming step in the process. You likely have hundreds of photos to choose from with many favorites and narrowing them down can be difficult. My suggestion to you is to start with selecting your favorite photos from the day. These don’t have to all be portraits – they can include candid’s as well. Also, be sure to include the photos that have meaning to you.  Look at your photos and see if you notice any visual patterns. You may gravitate towards black and white, or maybe your favorites are the traditionally posed portraits. When you have a general idea of your favorites choose the theme that resonates the most with you. Maybe you love the series of photos starting with your first kiss as newlyweds and ending with your walk down the aisle together. Or maybe you chose your own home as the backdrop of your portraits and you would like to display something from that part of the day. When you are finalizing your photo selection, don’t forget to consider how the colors in the photos will look in your space and how much available space you are working with. A common mistake I see is that couples will choose a simple 8x10 because it is a familiar size. An 8x10 is not large at all and will often get lost on your walls. Another thing to consider when making your choice is how the photo makes you feel. My favorite photos are candid’s. They are easier to look at since you are not making eye contact with anyone in the photos, and they can spark a feeling of peace and happiness when you remember the moment the photo was taken. 


After you have chosen the final photos to display you will need to decide on the style. There are so many options to choose from, but only certain styles will work with your home and your photo selection. Acrylic and metal pieces are sleek, and they work beautifully in modern homes as statement pieces but might not always look right in rustic or traditional homes, or in galleries with different decorative elements. Acrylic pieces will never shift on your walls and won’t fall if someone or something bumps into them. They also are easy to clean and come with non-glare coatings. Metal pieces are very lightweight and simple to hang. Metals are edgy and in my opinion work great with non-traditional photos. Another option is a gallery wrapped canvas. Canvases have become very popular recently but be careful if you find a deal that is too good to be true. Professional canvases, unlike many consumer canvases, will not warp or sag over time and the inks will not fade. Canvases are versatile and can work in many different homes. Finally - my favorite option, which is a framed and matted print. Framed prints can work in any home depending on the type of frame you choose (barnwood, metal, ornate, etc.). Frames and mats complement photos so well and add the perfect finishing touch to any photo, instantly transforming even the simplest photo in something to admire.  Framed photos can work as a single statement piece, in a gallery of multiple photos, or sitting on a shelf. No matter what your style is, there is a perfect piece of wall art for you.

Thank you so much for reading my tips on what to consider when choosing your wedding wall art. I hope that these tips will help you design and display the perfect piece for your home! 


Noreen Turner is founder of Noreen Turner Photography based in Riverton, NJ. She’s a book-worm, eternal optimist, wannabe chef and loves playing a part in the lives of my clients and preserving their pivotal moments.Her studio serves South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware and they’re open to travel.

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