4 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation on Track


If you are managing a renovation yourself, you will soon find out that there are a lot of moving parts. Many tasks are dependent on one another, especially in regards to installations. However, there are several things that you can do to help keep your project on track.

1. Place Orders ASAP

If you are ordering all the plumbing fixtures, lighting and vanity yourself, be cognizant of lead times. A lead time is the time between order placement and ship date. Don't forget to add time in transit during shipping. If you are on a tight timeline, I wouldn’t consider anything that isn’t already in stock.

2. Check Deliveries for Damage

Please check the contents of every box when you receive it, not when your contractor is ready to install that particular piece. I can’t tell you how many times this advice has been ignored on projects I don’t manage—you’ll regret it later. Check to make sure product is not damaged as soon as it’s received.

3. Talk to your contractor about scheduling

Once you select your contractor, talk to them about scheduling. Most have a typical order in which they do things and if you’ve never been involved in a renovation before it’s important to get informed. Ideally, you should have everything delivered onsite before demolition starts in case the contractor notices anything is amiss. 

4. Save Boxes, Receipts and Emails

These all make the exchange and return process so much easier. Also, be aware of the amount of time you have to return items. If you order a $500 faucet and you can only return it 14 days from receipt and you realize this on day 25, you’re out of luck (and $500).

Knowing what you're getting yourself into is the key to less overwhelm. If you follow this advice it should help your project stay on track!

Thinking this sounds a little overwhelming or just annoying to deal with? Schedule a free 30 minute design strategy session! SG23 Design also offers project management to our full-service interior design clients. We deal with all the procurement so that you can get back to your normal routine and know what you are in good hands.

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