3 Holiday Party Must-Haves

Holiday Party

The holiday season has officially arrived! That means spending more time with amazing people at homes or office parties. If you’re the host, there are a few more things you can do to make guest feel more welcome.

1. Different Levels of Seating

I find that the most inviting parties have different types of seating, both formal and casual and both high and low. It’s nice to sit at a table for a formal dinner, great to sit on a stool and talk in the kitchen and at other times it’s nice to sit on an ottoman and squeeze into an interesting conversation. Give your guests choices.

In the living room of a full townhouse project completed earlier this year, in the living room, I specified:

  • A high-back wing chair

  • A daybed (to allow easier conversation between the kitchen and living room)

  • Two low-rider upholstered stools on hidden casters

  • A pair of worn-in leather chairs from my clients’ previous home.

Guests love to congregate in this space! It’s interesting to see who gravitates to which seating type. Also, consider any specific needs some guests may have. Are some of your guests more elderly? They may need a firmer chair so it’s easier to get up. Does someone have really bad knees? Do you need to make space for a wheelchair? Considering these things would be greatly appreciated by your guests!

2. Additional Coat Storage

If you live in the northeast like me, you’ve experienced a holiday party where all coats and jackets are stored on a bedroom bed. Not the most ideal solution. You often find yourself leaving guests to find people’s coats and it just looks messy. Consider cleaning out a hallway closet just for your holiday party—you can move everything back afterwards. 

Another solution would be to purchase a great coat rack or to install permanent decorative hooks in a hallway, mudroom or on an entry porch. If you’re having a huge party at home or the office consider getting a mobile clothing rack.

3. Places to Put drinks

Seems obvious, but how many times have you been at a party where you’re trying to eat appetizers, but you have absolutely nowhere to put down your drink? Consider adding some decorative side tables to the space. Also, if you have a lot of wood furniture, consider getting custom cut glass tops—you won’t need to babysit guests to see if they’re using coasters.

The key to being a great host is being observant and noticing what your guests need. I assume your guests are awesome people—they’re probably not going to ask for certain things because they don’t want to inconvenience you. If you need more help making your home entertaining-friendly contact us!

Stay Inspired, not overwhelmed™,
- Shila

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