Concepts: Purple Botanical

Before autumn finally starts, it is great to enjoy all the beautiful plants that are still flourishing. I find that in interior design, modern botanical themes are often focused more on plants and their leaves rather than the flowers themselves which is interesting. Leaves often have very strong geometries, a monochromatic color palette and textures that vary from waxy to fuzzy. Keeping these concepts in mind, there are many ways to have a botanical inspired space without feeling old-fashioned.

This material and finish concept below started with this beautiful Aja wallpaper designed by Justina Blakeney. If you are not following her on Instagram, do it now. Her photos are wonderfully colorful and there are amazing patterns and textures throughout her posts. The bold print is toned down a bit by having a mostly monochromatic color scheme. Check out more botanical wallpaper patterns on one of our previous posts, Updated Floral Wallpapers. If you feel the need for more bold patterns think about bringing them in through accent pillow or throws. Don't forget about those fuzzy leaves, pillows and throws are a great way to bring in fun textures as well.

Instead of having plain white ceilings it would be interesting to try some mid-toned wood cladding to add some texture. This is a good solution for an especially tall space - a mid-toned or dark ceiling helps to bring the scale down a bit. Interior wood cladding is also a great way to highlight a specialized space like a reading nook. I found this great cypress wood cladding that happens to have some purple undertones.

The mid-tones of the wall paper and the wood cladding could be contrasted with a crisp white tile in areas such as the kitchen backsplash. Silver streaks can be found in the wood cladding as well. Referencing this hue in another space such as the kitchen could be done with satin nickel hardware. 

Plush fabrics help bring texture into the space. I have a few fabrics here with in various shades of purple in varying textures, but one of these fabrics should be enough on a standout piece or furniture. The rest of the pieces in the room could be neutral to help ground the room. Don't forget to make some of your furniture feel a bit more upscale by changing out the legs.

Remember when you have a botanical inspired room you do not need to be literal and have plant prints everywhere. Even one fantastic botanical print can be enough in many cases to serve as a focal point of the room.

Photo by Natasha Esguerra

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