Concepts: Blue as the New Baby's Room Neutral


According to nesting is defined as, "...the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby. " This my friends, definitely includes the baby's room. Designing a baby's room is one of the many things that makes the idea of a little person coming into one's life that much more tangible. It is an opportunity to create the baby's first sanctuary outside of the womb. 

I have at least one friend expecting a baby boy at the moment, but I have other friends that are letting the sex of the baby be a surprise. I still find it interesting that blue is the often the default color for a boy. For many of my female friends, their favorite color is blue. Blue is the color of the sky, the ocean and roofs in Santorini - I do not associate any of these things with males in particular.

Here I put together a scheme with shades of blue throughout - from pale blue to navy blue and I think any baby girl could rock this room as well as any baby boy. I mixed in various textures and also played with the scale which can be seen in the penny tile (imagine this with a mid-tone gray grout). 

Gold-toned metallics and grays were also mixed in the scheme as neutrals to tie in with the dreamy wallpaper. We used a lighter wood tone here, but really any wood whether it's light or dark would work with blue. If you choose to go with blue walls (even a pale blue) white furniture would really pop against that surface due to the contrast. Also, could you imagine how great a white piece of furniture would look sitting on top of that plaid patterned carpet tile?! If you want to tone things down a bit go with mid-toned baby furniture. If you are still completely overwhelmed with the design process check out our interior design services.

Another tip:

Make sure that you put the baby's room together sooner rather than later because of off-gassing. You know that new car smell or that smell when you walk into a new office? That is the smell of materials off-gassing. This means that the items in the space are releasing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) - it is a consequence of any glues, paints, varnishes, plastics (the list goes on) emitting chemical particles as they settle. I find that this scent is most noticeable with new carpet. But don't panic! That being stated, I would recommend putting the room together a few weeks before your due date (or adoption date) to give items time to air out before the baby arrives.

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