Blackboards that aren't Black


Black chalkboard walls made a comeback a few years ago and to be honest it is a trend I do not get overly excited about because I see it so often. However, I love the idea of colored chalkboard walls. It is interesting when you use a lovely accent color that just happens to be a chalkboard wall as well. I particularly love the Chalkboard line by Colorhouse because their data sheet is impressive when it comes to health and environmental sustainability. Their paints have no VOCs, no toxic fumes, no reproductive toxins and no chemical solvents. Imagine painting a room and not smelling it for a week afterwards! Below are my favorite hues from this line.

Wood .04

A warm wine red that would cozy up any room or as an accent wall in a commercial space such as behind the bar with a hand-written menu of the specials for that day. As seen here, blond wood shelving pops against this paint color.

Images: Colorhouse Paint

Stone .06

A neutral hue that with a hint of olive green, it's an update from that classic elementary school green. Consider bright red accents to compliment this chalkboard wall—red is the complimentary color to green on the color wheel. That is why the tomatoes look so vibrant in this photo.

Images: Colorhouse Paint

Wool .05

A cool, cheerful, grayish blue that is perfect for a child's bedroom or a bright office space. Colorhouse even has a tutorial for creating the bubble board depicted in the photograph. If you want to complete this interior look, take a look at carpet tile so you can arrange your own checkered floor.

Images: Colorhouse Paint