Recommended - Podcasts for Lady Bosses


Every once in a while I have a day in the studio where the day is just dragging. One solution is to just listen to podcasts all day - I feel super productive because not only do I start zipping through work, but I also feel like I learned a ton in just a few hours. Lately, I have been into podcasts that focus on lady entrepreneurs. One thing I learned since going full-time as an owner of a design studio is that is difficult to find other women to relate to, but when I do, it's AWESOME. I feel instantly inspired and motivated.

While my core group of lady entrepreneur friends has grown, they are typically running around as much as I am so we do not have time to sit down and chat about various business stresses and ideas as often as we would like. Some of the blogs I am going to list here supplement my need to talk to other lady business owners until we meet again. It is also nice to hear experiences from people that may have been in the design game for a bit longer or are in the same boat in one way or another.

You can find all of these podcasts on iTunes or stream online.

Being Boss

This podcast is run by two women - Kathleen and Emily break down aspects of business that I never considered before. They post pretty frequently so there is already a ton of content. Best of all, they explain ways to better your business without making one feel overwhelmed. It can be a lot to process when you decide to focus on something in your business that is new to you whether it is e-mail marketing or launching a new product. Kathleen and Emily are great at giving you manageable steps to meet your goals because they have been there too at some point. They talk about their own real-life experiences in implementing suggestions on being boss.

Also if you are low on time, their minisodes are great. Most of these are around 10 minutes so if you are struggling to get that project deadline over the finish line these podcasts are a great motivator.

Heart + Hustle

The Heart + Hustle motto is "Dream big, work hard, repeat" which feels so relevant. Listening to this podcast feels much like dropping in on a casual conversation among friends - namely Angelica Yarde and Charisma Moran. The conversation tends to meander a bit and feels casual. 

The list of subjects they cover is incredibly diverse - everything from investing to creativity to personal health and fitness. If you want to focus on something in particular relating to business, you can likely scroll down their feed and find just what you are looking for. They cover not only business, but how business affects the rest of your life.


One of the most insightful podcasts I have listened to. This podcast is focused on women's creative leadership and as a result touches on some relevant women's issues that are often subconsciously accepted. The host of the show, Maria Molfino is a coach and it really shows through her commentary. Although Heroine has not been around that long there have already had a ton of fantastic guests. Many of these guest have led me to interesting books and articles.


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