NCIDQ Certification Printed Certificate

So I got a lovely gem in the mail on Monday - a printed NCIDQ certificate! I passed the last of these horrible exams over a year ago and was slightly underwhelmed when I realized we only got a digital download to prove that I survived studying for months and months and forgetting that other things existed in life besides studying and work. Apparently, I was not the only one that wanted proof that I could actually hold in my hand. After many requests, the Council for Interior Design Qualification brought back the original NCIDQ certificate, seal and all!

I have also realized that many good things in my life come in 23s. I earned my NCIDQ certification on April 23 (2015), I was born March 23 (1986), I adopted my pup Olive on February 23 (2014) and I founded SG23 Design on March 23 (2012)!