Philadelphia Contemporary Craft Show


As part of a Sunday Fun Day, my best friend and I attended the 40th Philadelphia Contemporary Craft Show at the convention center hosted by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I picked up a program on the way in and learned that over the past 39 years, ticket purchases have contributed almost $12 million dollars. Also, proceeds support programs such as Form in Art which is a program that offers art classes to adults that are blind or visually impaired. This event also funded the Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950 which is amazing! Here are some of my favorite exhibitors:


Eden Blaney - Maine


A fantastic handmade bench caught my eye and I just had to stop at this booth. The wood types, finishes and clean joinery are what stood out to me the most. This particular bench was at the front of Blaney's booth and is constructed out of an ebonized maple and cherry. Ebonizing wood is the process of causing a chemical reaction that makes the wood turn black. The result is a modern, sleek yet warm piece of furniture - perfect for a masculine space. I hope a project comes along where I can place one of these pieces. Blaney clearly has his own style, but he also has developed  a wonderful range within of work. Some of his pieces seem to reference mid-century detailing while others have a modern angularity. 

Teresa Chang Ceramics - Based in Philadelphia

Source : Theresa Chang on Facebook

Source: Theresa Chang on Facebook

Facebook Page . Website

These pieces were beautiful. Solid, minimal ceramics with a delicate feel. I took note of her display of nested bowls in lovely soft hues which would allow any food being served to be the focal point. Chang's pieces are all handthrown using porcelain. 

While the nesting bowls were my favorite, she also has a lovely line of teaware. These pieces have a simple elegance and feel a bit more delicate than her dinnerware. These sets also remind me of the idea of personal rituals which could very well include morning tea.

Most of her pieces are made to order.

Nordic Family Farm - Charles City, VA

Website . Etsy

This booth looked so light, airy and cozy all at the same time. I am often a bit skeptical of wool because I despise anything that is itchy. I was curious, so I walked up to one of Dianne Nordt's lovely blankets and ran my hand across it. I have never felt a more soft blanket and to my surprise it was not itchy at all. All of Nordt's blankets are merino wool which makes all the difference. The merino wool comes from her lovely flock of sheep that you can see on her website and Etsy page. In addition, instead of depending on chemicals, all of her dyes are plant based. One of the most environmentally sustainable products I saw at the show.