1. I am an NCIDQ certified interior designer.

NCIDQ certification was obtained after earning a 4-year degree at a CIDA-accredited university, working at least two years under a licensed architect then passing three rigorous, practice-based exams that tests the application of knowledge as they relate to public health, safety and welfare. This is the highest qualification in the interior design industry.


2. I know about environmentally-friendly design.

I have a master's in sustainable design and have been a LEED accredited designer since 2009. For my graduate thesis, I researched what it would take to re-design a building so that it is carbon-negative (a building that produces more energy than it uses). 


3. I am a designer, not a decorator.

These terms are used interchangeably but they are quite different. In the most basic terms, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design. Further, much of my professional experience was at a prestigious architecture firm on projects as large as 30,000 sq. ft. so I have a better understanding of the buildings themselves - i.e. structure, mechanical systems. This results in more thoughtful interior design.

Read more about the difference between designers and decorators here.


4. I evaluate a project from a holistic standpoint. 

Everyone uses a space or spaces in their own way and the interiors of your home or business should reflect that. I consider things like sight-lines, materiality, environmentally friendly design and aging in place. The appropriate lighting, textures and color scheme enhance the design of the space.


5. I can save you money.

I can help you establish a budget and I know which products fit into those constraints. Further, I have enough experience to foresee possible issues that may arise. The more problems we can avoid, the more money you will save. When unexpected issues do arise I have the expertise to solve them in the best and most cost effective way possible. 


6. Fit and Function is Key.

I want your space to look awesome, but it also needs to work. I know where to pull products and finishes that are appropriate for your particular project. That means less research for you. I take the time to check specifications and drawings to make sure everything fits and functions properly which is crucial so that any installations or construction run as smoothly as possible.


7. It Really is Who You Know.

I like to work with reliable contractors and tradespeople - your project will only be as good as the execution. I can serve as a liaison to manage your project so you have less to worry about. I communicate with your contractors and tradespeople as needed to make sure your project stays on track.