4 Major Reasons Why Contractors Aren’t Responding

Reason # 1 - You don’t have a plan

This one seems to be the least obvious problem to homeowners, but the most obvious to interior designers and contractors.

Contractors are not mind-readers. They like decisions and dimensions. And when there’s guessing involved professionals throw money at the problem to cover themselves. Can you really blame them? You should have a plan in place before you talk to contractors so they know what to expect and you can compare their quotes apples to apples.

Reason #2 - You don’t have the connections

If you travel to a new city you often ask for hotel and restaurant recommendations right? It's a bonus if you know someone who lives there. If you ask for recommendations for contractors from say a relative, friend or your interior designer they are probably going to recommend someone that is more likely to call you back.

Further, professionals talk to other professionals in the same industry all the time, so they have more influence. If a contractor has two potential projects and one is from a completely new client and one is a client through SG23 Design (a company who has already given them a ton of work). Who do you think they are going to want to work with?

Reason #3 - It’s last Minute

If you are calling a contractor for a kitchen renovation that you want done before a surprise 50th birthday party in two weeks, this is seen as a red flag. The timeline is unrealistic and most professionals would rather not take a job, than take a job that won’t meet your expectations.

Sorry to break it to you, but good contractors aren’t waiting around for you to call. They are typically on a construction site focused on directing sub-contractors or using power tools—not the best (or safest) environment for checking one’s phone every 5 minutes. Also, think about this—would you want a contractor answering other clients calls while they are working on your project? Probably not.

On top of that, good contractors are usually booked at least a few months out. If they're always available, they probably aren’t that good.

Be a bit more flexible on your timeline. It’s better to have a good contractor even if you need to wait a few weeks for them to get started, otherwise you’ll need to hire the good contractor later to fix the shoddy work by the first contractor that you may have hired just because they were available.

Reason #4 - Some (in any profession) are just terrible at follow-up

I would be lying if I told you that there aren’t times when I wonder how some companies stay in business because they don’t call back potential clients. However, in my experience, if you have a solid plan you shouldn’t have trouble getting a contractor to call back or getting quotes to review. Keep in mind that contractors will often take a few days to get back to you (see #1). That being said, if you are chasing after a contractor before the renovation has even started, they probably aren’t worth working with anyway.

I've been in the interior design game for over 10 years and I don't have problems getting contractors to call me back. In fact, contractors call me to see if I have work for them. Why? Because I know some tricks of the trade which I'm about to share.

So what do you do next? Download the solutions checklist to actually get contractors to call you back.