What Makes SG23 Design Different

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I’m an interior designer, not a decorator

Decorators don’t need any formal training or education—interior designers do.

I’ve got two degrees, two professional certifications, over 12 years of experience in the field and worked on award-winning projects like this one and this one before starting my own company.

We’re not just picking out paint colors.

My team and I deal with all the shenanigans behind the scenes to make an interior design project run as smoothly as possible. My clients value this as much as the design itself! We know our clients have a life outside of the design of a new home or a major remodel or renovation. We handle all the crazy so that our clients can focus on family, work or travel.


These are some of the things we address for our clients so they don’t need to.

  • We create drawing sets so that you have a plan to present to contractors for apples to apples estimates

  • We sit in on meetings with potential contractors and are happy to help clients review quotes

  • We respond to the emails and phone calls from the contractor during construction

  • We visit the job site regularly to ensure construction is running smoothly

  • We pull all selections for your review and approval

  • We double check technical specifications

  • We create drawings for any custom furniture or built-ins

  • We order all finish and material samples for your approval

  • We place all the orders for light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, furniture and accessories

  • When an item arrives damaged or gets lost in transit (yet it happens), we deal with customer service

  • When the contractor runs into an unforeseen issue during construction we discuss and figure out a solution

  • We coordinate and schedule installs for custom built-ins, furniture deliveries, window treatment or other specialty installations


Whether she was working up color schemes, running down one-of-a kind items, or directing craftspeople at the site, she gave us the confidence to take risks and enjoy the process as we brought to life our shared vision for our new home.

- Chris and Laura, Homeowners - Shackamaxon Townhouse Project

Shila helped my husband and I furnish multiple rooms in our first home. Moving from a small one bedroom to a 3 bedroom home was a huge project for us! We work 80+ hours a week for our jobs, and having Shila to help us find our dream furniture and accessories, coordinate deliveries, and all the while loving our sweet dog was a dream come true. I can’t say enough nice things about her and the quality of work she does, and I truly can’t wait to use her again!

- Jill, Homeowner - Newlywed Kensington Townhouse



 I Can Draw Like Nobody’s Business

I used to work at the award-winning architecture firm Peter Zimmerman Architects and they kicked my butt—which I am eternally grateful for.

In fact, I’m now such a drawing snob that I don’t outsource any drafting. All of our documentation is developed in-house so I can make sure the quality is up to my standards.

Why should this matter to my clients? Because drawings are another form of insurance. I can’t tell you how many times something was built or installed incorrectly and I referred back to my drawings and they ended up protecting my clients from extra costs.

Contractors and craftspeople love it to. Because the design isn’t a guessing game—it’s all documented.