Websites - Additional Services

Monthly Website Maintenance - $275/month


This service reserves five (5) hours in the SG23 Design studio schedule monthly to update your website.

The Advantages:

  • Instead of waiting until we have availability in the SG23 Design studio schedule (we’re usually booked about 2 months out) you have a 5 hour time slot reserved every month for us to work on your project

  • A monthly update encourages business development since we’re always thinking about future content

  • Your website will stay fresh with new content, encouraging more visitors

Instagram Management - Starting @ $790/month

We manage your Instagram account to give your company more visibility and attract potential clients or customers.


  • An average of 2 posts per day

  • Creation of engaging copy

  • Utilizing filters for imagery

  • Optimizing content discoverability by improving hashtags and utilizing current trends

  • Continue to improve overall strategy

The Advantages:

  • Social media is a job in itself. If it’s not your thing, we can handle it so you can focus on your business

  • Your instagram feed will be updated more consistently, encouraging more followers

  • We hone in on “your audience”

6 Month Review - $500

We revisit your website in 6 month increments to see what can be improved or added to better serve your audience and ultimately grow your audience.


  • A snapshot of your most popular content and your least popular content

  • An evaluation of what refinements could be made to improve your website

  • A plan for developing new content for future updates in regards to text content and photography