Website Design & Development

I specialize in cohesively designed websites; this is accomplished by doing everything in-house.

That means that your company mission, brand identity and the work you do are all driving forces that we convey through your website. In many cases, the visual design of a website and the back-end development are done by two different people or teams. At SG23 Design and development happens in-house. I can also handle any graphic design updates to your logo and branding identity at the same time. As a result, work is done much more efficiently and there is more direct communication - saving you time, money and headaches.

SG23 Website Services

  • Front-end Design

  • Website Development

  • Photoshoot Coordination

  • Product Styling Coordination

  • Website Management

  • Graphic Design

How integrated design makes SG23 different

As a studio that loves to take advantage of multiple disciplines (interiors, graphics, websites) we have the ability to expand the scope of commercial projects so there is more cohesion across the board. For example, if you are launching a company, you may go to three separate studios to develop you brand identity, website and workspace and/or retail store. At SG23, we can handle all three projects. This means less meetings, better communication, a stronger brand and less coordination on your end. Most importantly, from a holistic standpoint all the elements of your project will more clearly reinforce your vision.

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