Full-Service Interior Design Process

1. Initial Conversation

We discuss the goals of the project and narrow down top priorities. Then we walk the space or review existing drawings (for new construction) and more accurately define the scope of work.

2. Review of Proposal + Contract

The more information I have from the beginning the more accurate of a quote I can provide for interior design services. From there, I will develop a design proposal and contract that will be sent to you for review.

3. Schematic Design

I survey the space to take any dimensions and notes I may need to create a digital base to work from. I develop a preliminary design - this includes a space plan and any sketches, images, renderings or samples to convey the design concept including preliminary finish and furniture selection. The goal of this phase is to explore the most promising design solutions and alternatives. I meet with the client at the end of this phase to review.

4. Design Development

During design development, I digitally draft drawings to a high level of finish. I also make any revisions per notes from regular client progress meetings or conference calls. I refine colors and finishes, make final selections of any furniture, fixtures and equipment. A cost estimate is developed for these items. We also get a cost estimate from the contractor(s) if applicable. The resulting design and estimates are presented to the client for review and final approval.

5. Construction Documents

I complete the digital documentation package to present for any required permits. These will be stamped by the necessary licensed professionals.

6. Procurement and Delivery

I do all the run around to purchase al the product on the shopping list, do any ordering and track the delivery of all the furniture, fixtures, lighting and accessories that we need for your project. 

7. Project Management

I perform regular site visits and also like to oversee particular installations. Towards the end of a project I complete a punch list that notes any items that need to be corrected. Once these items are addressed the construction process is complete.