Marked Potential

In order to save old buildings they ultimately need to be put back into use. If their original function is no longer relevant, they should be adapted for the contemporary city. With Marked Potential, I intend to explore the idea of adaptive reuse from a practical design standpoint. Every month I will feature a building that is vacant, slated to be razed, or simply underutilized. A potential use for that building will be identified and a rough, schematic design with that specific use in mind will be produced.

Marked Potential is an exercise and an exploration. It’s a way of showing that, with a little creative thought, developers can overcome the constraints of reusing more difficult historic structures. The intent of this series is primarily to show that these structures still have inherent architectural, functional, and social value. Of course, an intensive study and critical understanding of a specific project would be required to realistically implement any reuse plan in order for it to be successful. Through this series we just want to get the conversation going. Hopefully we can save some buildings along the way.

All projects featured on the Hidden City Website. All articles edited by Michael Bixler the managing editor of Hidden City Daily.

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100 Days of Therapy Prints

This exploratory project ran over 100 days (7/25/16-10/31/16). These prints are a play off of the Rorschach test and were handmade using acrylic paint. What was most interesting about the process is that it was the opposite of what I do professionally. Professionally, I develop a concept and eventually envision what the final product will be. With this project I did not overthink or become too intentional while making these prints. Only after creating these prints did I decide what some of them looked like. Further, others see completely different things than I do at times. The interpretations are endless.

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