Roosevelt Theater - Marked as a Photography & Filmmaking Education Center for Teens


The facade of the former Roosevelt Theater at 4739 Frankford Avenue rises up from street level with elegant distinction, caught in a perpetual face-off with the growling elevated tracks of the Market-Frankford Line. The ivory front wears a classical gown of stately columns, pilasters, and a heavy cornice complete with a dentil band. Its graceful elevation is interrupted by a metal roll-up garage door securing the main entry. Shadow lines and wide shoulders of the building's frontage lends a dramatic presence that stands apart from the whey-faced brickwork that fills in the rest of the block.

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Main Floor Plan

1.Main Entry & Waiting Area  2.Reception  3.Director's Office  4.Storage  5.Open Work Area  6.ADA Restrooms  7.Women's Restroom  8.Men's Restroom  9.Classroom 10.Conference Room  11.Kitchenette  12.Silent Studio  13.Hair & Makeup 14.Dressing Room  15.Utility Area