Let me guess, when someone asks what your style is,
you list about 7 different styles.

Worst of all, you have no idea how to implement combine all the styles you love in your own home without it looking like a mixed-up mess.

So many people have been in your shoes—where you just feel like you’re running around in circles. So you push off (re)designing that one room or your entire home! How amazing would it be to have a guide to exactly what to change to create a space that represents your individual style, so that you would be more proud to show off your home?

That's why I created this free course, so that in less than a week you will be able to define your own individual style so you can (re)design your home with more confidence.

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Hello, I'm Shila

I help overwhelmed homeowners and businesses with thoughtful, beautiful interior design and stellar project management so they can stay inspired. I realized that many clients love bits and pieces of various styles, but have trouble figuring out how to combine this styles in their own home.

You would think that having millions of options would make the design process easier right? Instead, it often makes narrowing down your style more complicated.

Complications make things less exciting, y’all. I want homeowners to be inspired.

Just Imagine…


If you knew exactly what style furniture pieces work together and what to shop for?


Going to the hardware store and knowing exactly what shade of paint you should be looking for.


Knowing which pieces absolutely won’t work for your space and being more confident in your decision to look for an alternative.

If you are ready to feel more confident about your personal interior design style, instead of wondering if it’ll work in your home, keep reading!

When you see all the design inspiration all over television, the internet and in your day to day, it can get a bit discouraging when you don’t know where to begin when it comes to your own home. It’s difficult to figure out what works best for you when there are ideas coming from every direction.

I’ve been a professional interior designer for over 10 years and a design professor for over 5 and I’m telling you, this struggle isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s one thing that commonly frustrates both my clients and students.

In most cases, there’s one simple solution. A concept board.

I created an e-course that tells you step-by-step how to create your own.

In this e-course, I’ll share:

  1. What a concept board actually is.

  2. How to effectively gather inspiration.

  3. How to curate and give yourself better aesthetic direction

  4. How to utilize your concept board to make product selections

  5. Three examples of how a concept board can lead to a room (re)design

  6. Corresponding shopping lists for three design examples

  7. And so much more!

All for just $29

Pssst. Did I tell you that you can complete this course in less than a week?!