Engine 46 - Marked as Belgian Restaurant & Gourmet Chocolate Shop


The old fire house's potential reuse for themed dining is too seductive to avoid, so with our design concept we felt it only appropriate to celebrate the origin of Flemish architecture with a Belgian restaurant and gourmet chocolate shop. Our concept board conveys the richness of Flemish architecture and interior design. We also pulled inspiration from the middle ages and a concept menu that would reflect that of the Lowland Burgundian Era - specialty game meats with rich sauces and complemented by potato dishes, red wine, and and extensive list of Belgian Beer. A model for this nationality immersion concept and vertical integration of bar, restaurant, and sweet shop, might be the Gran Caffe L'Aquila on Chestnut Street in Center City.

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Ground Level Dining & Bar

Ground Level Dining & Bar

Lower Level Cocktail Lounge

Lower Level Cocktail Lounge

Lower Level - Cocktail Lounge

1.Prep Area 2.Walk-In Freezer 3.Electrical Room 4.Dining 5.Unisex Restrooms

Entry Level - Dining & Bar

1.Kitchen 2.Bar 3.Accessible Restroom 4.Hostess Stand 5.Coat Room 6.Entry

Second Level - Dining

1.Kitchen Stairs 2.Secondary Stair to Chocolate Shop 3.Transaction Stand

Third Level - Gourmet Chocolate Shop

1.Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Room and Shop 2.Transaction Counter

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