District Health Center #1 - Marked as Arts Therapy Center


Marked Potential began with the assumption that every building I examined would result in an exploration of a very different utilization than the building’s former use. However, after examining the Integrated Project Dossier by seven Historic Preservation graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania, it became quite clear that Center #1 should continue being used for healthcare. Many other projected reuses could have the potential of feeling forced. This ties back to Louis Kahn’s classic theoretical architectural question, “What do you want, Brick?” When we asked the structure what alternative uses would it find suitable, Center #1 seemed to unwaveringly answer, “I want to continue on as a facility for wellness.”

With healthcare in mind, we tried to take a step back and look at the big picture. Placed at the intersection of Broad and Lombard Streets, Center #1 is surrounded by vibrant performing arts venues. The University of the Arts is located across the street. It would only seem natural to repurpose the building as a center for arts therapy, specifically, a wellness facility focused on visual art, music, and dance therapy.

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Ground Level Floor Plan

1.Main Entry   2.Reception   3.Conference Room   4.Mens' Restroom   5.Womens' Restroom   6.Presentaion Room   6A.Accounting and Marketing   7.Kitchenette   8.Filing and Nurses Station   9.Gallery   10.Copy Room

Second Level Floor Plan

1.Administrative Office   2.Dance & Music Therapy Room   3.Administrative Support   4.Break Room   5.Mens' Locker Room   6.Womens' Locker Room   7.Open Art Instruction Studio   8.Mens' Restroom   9.Womens' Restroom   10.General Storage   11.Waiting Room

Third Level Floor Plan

1.Administrative Offices   2.Art Therapy Rooms   3.Music Therapy Rooms   4.Conference Rooms   5.Art Supply Storage   6.Copy Room   7.Men's Locker Room   8.Womens' Locker Room   9.General Storage   10.Waiting Room