Memphis Street Loft | Fishtown, Philadelphia

Memphis Street Loft - Kitchen

Of Industrial Hertiage 

Photography: Plate 3

In a move towards permanence, the owner of Memphis Street Loft envisioned a space that paired function with style, and elegance with the beloved casualty of loft aesthetic. In an embrace of the exposed nature of lofts, common spaces feel both intimate and entertainment-ready. Similarly, custom shelving amplifies the length of the hallway, transforming the passage into a kind of gallery space for objets, photos, and books. The display simultaneously surrounds the client with their curated interests and serves as a conversation-provoking pause for guests. 

The design anchors itself in juxtapositions. Vertical volumes contrast the horizontal expanses typical of lofts, while luminous garden palettes oppose the industrial heritage of concrete columns, exposed brick, and hanging vents which form the bones of the space. The chosen colors draw from art and furniture that the client has collected over the years. Exampled most evidently in the unconventional dual-scheme of the custom kitchen cabinets, wherein the gray and beige tones pull directly from the swirled hues of the dining chairs. 

“Vertical volumes contrast the horizontal expanses typical of lofts, while luminous, verdant tones oppose the industrial heritage of concrete columns and exposed brick.” 

The space comes together as a comprehensive whole thanks to a few key design choices. The verdant bedroom color, for example, is repeated with bolder personality in the bathroom. Lining the shower, white tiles are enunciated with a thick, dark grout, which is evidenced a second time in the kitchen backsplash. 

Overall, the design is both playful with and respectful of the loft space. The client’s antique furnishings lend an ornate quality to the otherwise utilitarian feel of the space. On the other hand, the industrial pipes that make up the shelf supports subtly nods to the exposed piping which hangs above. In the end, a beautiful balance is struck between feminine and factory, function and adornment. 

Collaborations with local and regional craftsmen made this project all the more bespoke to client and locale. We thank Hart & Sapp for the cabinetry, Soil & Oak for the custom hallway shelving, Heritage Metalworks for the master bathroom enclosure, and David Wing Design for leading construction. Kitchen cabinets and appliances were taken into the care of Habitat for Humanity, and construction waste was responsibly recycled by Richard S. Burns & Co

Memphis Street Loft - Entry Hall
Memphis Street Loft - Main Hallway

Memphis Street Loft - Dining Chair Detail
Memphis Street Loft - Master Bedroom Art

Memphis Street Loft - Master Antique Dresser
Memphis Street Loft - Master Bath
Memphis Street Loft - Master Bath

Memphis Street Loft Master Shower Plumbing Fixture
Memphis Street Loft - Guest Room Chandelier
Memphis Street Loft - Guest Bathroom

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