ID Lite - Room Measuring Guide

Example Sketch

*Please record measurements to the nearest 1/4"

Download our measuring checklist here.

1. First, pretend someone chopped off the top of your room and you are looking down on it from above. Sketch out the layout of the room on either plain (unlined) paper or graph paper. You do not need to draw the room to scale, I will be depending more heavily on your noted dimensions.

2. Measure the entire length of each wall from corner to corner and note dimensions on your sketch.

3. Measure each smaller section of wall. Also measure the width of openings, such as windows and doorways. If there are doors, please sketch the direction of the swing.

4. Note the location and dimensions of any objects that may influence the layout of the room such as radiators or steps.

5. Note the approximate location of any light fixtures or outlets.

6. Note the ceiling height from the finished floor

7. Send your sketch and photographs to us at with "ID Lite - (your name)" in the subject line.

8. I will review this along with your completed questionnaire and contact you if I need clarifications.

9. Await our design proposal for your review.