Philadelphia Divinity School Chapel - Marked as an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym


With this schematic design we focus on the main floor of the chapel. The building's most prominent features are the height and overall grandiosity of the space, a common characteristic in religious Gothic architecture. When evaluating adaptive reuse options we kept revisiting the chapel's height and clever ways to connect with it through user experience, while not breaking up the space by putting in additional floors nor completely compromising the ornamentation. As an indoor rock climbing gym visitors can literally scale the walls, attaining unique views of the interior architecture that would otherwise be inaccessible from the ground. The chapel has stunning stained glass windows that bring vibrant natural light into the space. This proposed use also allows the preservation of most of the interior partitions and all exterior walls in our exploratory design.

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Main Floor Plan

1.Vestibule 2.Front Desk  3.Climbing Area   4.Altar 5.Conditioning Room 6.Office   7.Storage   8.Women's Locker Room  9.Men's Locker Room  10.Party and Product Demo Room