Mercantile Library - Marked as a Medical Industrial Design Co-Working Space


With the building’s immediate proximity to Jefferson University, its health center, and innovation lab in mind, we would endeavor to restore the sleek grace of the Mercantile Library back to it’s airy, original form to be used as a co-working space for medical industrial designers. The potential for a partnership between Jefferson and the co-working enterprise is considerable and would make an ideal union when considering funding prospects for the project, human resource sharing, and research cross-pollination. Medical industrial design is a growing field, with enormous potential in Philadelphia considering the city’s two significant I.D. programs (at Drexel University and Philadelphia University) are both connected to medical institutions, Hahnemann and Jefferson, respectively.

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Ground Level Floor Plan

1.Reception 2.Conference Room 3.Filing & Print Area 4.Open Workspaces 5.Soundproof Room 6.Spiral Staircase 7.Collaborative Area 8.Storage Room

Lower Level Floor Plan

1.Seating & Filing Print Area 2.Conference Room 3.Seating Alcove 4.Open Workspace 5.Storage 6.Courtyard 7.Mechanical Room 8.Soundproof Room 9.Kitchen 10.Womens' Restroom 11.Mens' Restroom

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