Film Exchange Building - Marked as a Cooperative Cooking Space


Over the last five years, Philadelphia’s co-working market has blossomed. The concept now has the potential to evolve and accommodate more sectors of industry. What remains underexplored is shared, food production space. From ice cream makers to dog treat bakeries, there is a growing collection of niche, culinary businesses that need more space to cook. Many operate out of their home kitchens, unable to cover the costs of renting an industrial kitchen on their own for expanded production. 

With the Film Exchange Building, we decided to explore a space that accommodates cooks on a budget and in need of commercial production space. In the spirit of creative reuse, we took things a few steps further with a proposal of converting this Modern beauty into a gluten-free, co-cooking center.

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Main Floor Plan

1.Lobby 2.Director's Office3.Shared Kitchen 4.Lockers 5.Lockers6.Conference Room7.Elevator8.Fire Stair 9.Men's Room 10.Women's Restroom 11.ADA Restrooms 12.Workstations 13.Teaching Kitchen 14.Storage

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