The ID Lite Process

We designed our ID Lite service for people who are afraid to commit to or do not have the budget for full-service design. This process provides the design direction necessary to get your project moving, while allowing you to purchase any product from a curated shopping list on your own time and budget.

+ Step 1 - Choose the spaces

Decide which space you would like improved. Keep in mind that the more rooms you choose ask us to work on simultaneously, the more cohesive the overall design of your home will be.

*For ID Lite bathrooms and laundry rooms we design with the assumption that existing cabinetry, appliances and plumbing fixtures are not being reconfigured. If you feel that reconfiguration of any of these elements is necessary, consider full-service interior design.

+ Step 2 - ID Lite Questionnaire

This questionnaire gets sent directly to our inbox and lets us know that you are considering our ID Lite service for your interior design project. You can expect us to contact you within 1-2 business days to clarify anything in the questionnaire and answer any questions you may have about the ID Lite process or full-service interior design. Some have trouble figuring out which route is best for them.

+ Step 3 - Space Survey

The beauty of our ID Lite service is that we can redesign your space(s) remotely. That means that we can work on projects anywhere in the country! We will need photographs and measurements of each space in order to draft a floor plan. Check out our measuring guide.

If this process seems overwhelming, contact us and we will provide you with a quote for a designer to come out and survey the space.

+ Step 4 - Let Us Design

You can expect a design package in about 10 business days. You will receive:

  • A visual concept board
  • Basic floor plan (to scale)
  • Product section board
  • A shopping list (complete with links)

+ Step 5 - Review and Comment

After reviewing the design you get one round of revisions.

+ Step 6 - Implement the Design

We give you the final design package and you take it from there! If you feel that you need further assistance you have the option of upgrading to full-service interior design.