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Guide: Foyer, Hall budget - $2,000 recommended minimum LIving Room, Home Office, Family Den, Bedroom - $5,000 recommended minimum Laundry Room, Dining Room - $850 recommended minimum Powder Room - $700 recommended minimum Full Bathroom - $1,000 recommended minimum

Terms & Conditions

1. ID Lite by SG23 Design is purely an online consulting service. Any recommendations made shall be regarded as suggestions to improve the aesthetic of your space and not intended for any type of construction. 

2. Client agrees that if any onsite visits are requested they will be billed at a fee of $75/hour in addition to any travel expenses.

3. SG23 Design creates a layout based on your measurements for ID Lite; SG23 Design is not responsible for any incorrect dimensions.

4. SG23 Design is not responsible for the means, methods or procedures associated with installation or construction, fabrication, delivery or safety precautions in connection with an ID Lite project. 

5. SG23 Design is not responsible for the acts, omissions or errors of any contractor or subcontractor, supplier or other person performing work on an ID Lite project. SG23 Design is also not responsible for any scheduling or delays associated with a third party.

6. SG23 Design is not responsible for arranging any delivery or freight claims for purchases made in association with recommendations made for an ID Lite project.

7. Client is responsible for ensuring any furniture ordered can be moved into the space. SG23 Design is not responsible for considering elements included but not limited to door widths and staircases in regards to delivery and installation.

8. SG23 Design shall have the right to document, photograph or otherwise record all completed designs of installations of any ID Lite or full-service interior design project, and to reproduce, publish and display such documentation, photographs or records for promotional purposes of SG23 Design.