ID Lite™

Are you stuck in a spot where you know what you like, but are having trouble narrowing down inspiration imagery and translating a specific style into your own space?

The ID Lite™ design package developed by SG23 Design for DIY homeowners who feel that need just a bit of aesthetic design direction to move their project forward.

Imagine getting a curated design package for your room(s) in as little as 5 business days, that gives you enough design direction that you can finally move your project forward—on your own terms.

ID Lite™  Examples

What's included in the ID Lite™ Package?

Concept Board

Curated Concept Board + Explanation

I develop a concept board that becomes a visual guide for the entire design.

A concept board serves as a visual guideline that you will be able to refer back to throughout the life of a project; this board is a highly curated collection of inspiration. 

Further, I explain how I developed this design concept and how this would be translated into the product selections.

Color Scheme

Color Palette Direction

Referring back to the concept board, I develop a general color scheme for the room(s) that includes 2-4 colors including at least one neutral.

You ultimately decide how much color you would like to integrate into the room.


Product Direction

For rooms without plumbing
- Options for 5-10 major pieces. If applicable, we'll also choose 1-2 finishes as well.

For rooms with plumbing
- Options for cabinetry or vanity, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting and tile. If applicable, we'll also choose cabinet or vanity hardware as well.


List of Product Links

Links to all of the product suggested for the space are included in your ID Lite™ package to make shopping a bit easier.


Implementation Guide and Helpful Tips

I help you take ownership of this design project by telling you how to use the design concept to your advantage.

There may be times when a specific product may sell out or it may exceed your budget. Or you may simply want to swap out an item for one that you find on your own. I tell you how to implement a design concept at any budget.

What makes ID Lite™ different?

ID Lite is a way of getting a bit of professional design direction, but ultimately you execute the design in your own home and make your own adjustments as you see fit. It's like ordering your favorite flavor of coffee (in my case tea) and adding some cream and sugar to your liking.

No Pressure
Although we provide you with aesthetic design guidelines for your room(s), you don't need to feel pressured to rush into your project. As long as you have your design concept in place you can start the actual design or redesign process when the time is right. 

Budget Doesn't Matter
At it's core, ID Lite™ is a design concept. As defined by Merriam-Webster, a concept is “an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances.” Although you have the option of purchasing the product selections you will receive, your ID Lite™ package will include directions on how to further customize your design package on your own, while still maintaining your design concept.


Purchasing ID Lite™, does not create a designer-client relationship between you and SG23 Design, LLC. Anything on this Site or purchased on this Site, does not constitute professional design advice. All dimensions and product specifications should be reviewed and taken into consideration. Any products being installed should be reviewed by the homeowner, a licensed contractor, a NCIDQ certified interior designer, and/or licensed architect. Shila Scarlet Griffith is an NCIDQ certified interior design, however, professional design advice from SG23 Design, LLC is only available through full-service design.