Phase 1 - Boutique Consultation

Phase 1: SG23 Boutique Consultation + Contracting

We start every project with our boutique consultation. Interior design projects are very involved and we need to make sure that we’re the right fit. During our two hour session we’ll define your top priorities, more clearly identify existing issues and start brainstorming solutions that SG23 Design would investigate further through full-service design. In addition, we’ll review our interior design process in more depth.

If we agree that SG23 Design would be a good fit for your project we’ll send a custom-tailored Design Fee Proposal and Design Contract for your review.

Site Survey

Phase 2: Survey | Duration: ~ 1 week

If the project is a renovation, SG23 Design will schedule a time to come to the site and survey. We’ll take measurements and photo documentation of all the spaces within the scope of work. Then we’ll head back to the studio and digitally document all this information to create base drawings to work from.

If the project is new construction, we’ll work from the available documentation from the architect or builder.

Design Development

Phase 3: Design Development | Duration: 2-3 weeks+ depending on project size

One of the reasons our projects run so smoothly is because our most intense design work is completed at the front end of the project. During this phase we develop floor plans, interior elevations, source finishes, fabrics and furnishings. We also develop preliminary pricing to ensure that we’re on track in regards to budget.

Round of Refinement

Phase 4: Design Presentation | Duration: 1 Day

We present the proposed design for your project as one comprehensive presentation. Through this approach it’s much easier for our clients to understand and respond to the entire picture instead of bit and pieces. As a result, our presentation meetings are exceptionally productive and decisions are made more confidently.

We take note of anything the needs to be refined as well as any requested alternate selections.

Presentation of Refined Design

Phase 5: Round of Refinement | Duration: ~ 1-2 weeks depending on project size

If there are any requested changes during the Design Presentation, we made these refinements to all of our drawings and update pricing accordingly.

Phase 6: Presentation of Refined Design | Duration: 1 Day

We present your refined design along with any updated selections and pricing. In addition, we review the contractor scope of work document which will be part of our design package when we request quotes. After approval final approval from you, SG23 Design assembles the project binder (which our clients and contractors absolutely love).

Since the design isn’t a moving target, in the next phase, contractors have the ability to provide more accurate estimates and we are able to compare numbers apples to apples.

Placement of Orders

Phase 7: Placement of Orders + Creation of Project Binder + Estimate Requests from Contractors | Duration: ~ 1 week

At this point, the design is finalized so we start placing orders for any selections presented during Phases 4 and 6. As items arrive they are inspected for any damage and stored until installation. If anything is amiss or comes in damaged, we handle it—we document as needed, make all the phone calls and correspond with customer service.

In the meantime, we set up meetings with at least two different contractors for a walkthrough onsite and review all design documentation. Then we await estimates, review and you decide which contractor you’re most comfortable moving forward with.


Phase 8: Initiation of Construction | Duration: Defined by Contractor

During this phase we are available (during normal business hours) to correspond with the contractor regarding any unforeseen issues or to provide any clarifications. Our clients highly value our level of communication with contractors—it means that our clients don’t need to deal with phone calls and emails interrupting their daily routine.

SG23 Design follows the project and makes regular visits to the site to review progress and quality of the work. We also keep an eye on any large deliveries to the site—this may include appliances or custom cabinetry.

Furniture Installation

Phase 9: Furniture Installation + Reveal | Duration: ~ 1 week

Here the project really starts to come to life. Since the bones are in place we can start moving in, unpacking and placing all the furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories.

Once everything is in place we have the client reveal!


Phase 10: Deficiencies Walkthrough + Resolving of Deficiencies | Duration: Varies

As part of contract administration we often solve deficiencies before our client even knows that they existed. Which our clients absolutely love—it’s less stress for them.

But at the end of the project, SG23 Design does a final walkthrough of every space and pay attention to every detail. If anything is amiss, we address the issue accordingly.

Client Closure Meeting

Phase 11: Client Closure Meeting + Presentation of Final Invoices | Duration: 1 Day

Phase 12: Presentation of Updated Client Binder + Thank You | Duration: 1 Day

We present our streamlined SG23 Binder which serves as a wonderful reference for our clients and you get to enjoy you’re new space(s)!