Visual Inspiration

Verbal Inspiration

Final Color Palatte

Logo Design Process

Rough Sketches

Amma shared a few sketches that she had been working on, but she did not feel like she was getting anywhere. Playing off of the word "Flo" all of Amma's sketches had completely organic geometries. For some reason, none of these sketches quite stood out. We came to the conclusion that for specific elements to read as organic we would need contrasting structured geometries.

We took a few different approaches - some of which ended up in further design iterations. First we played with the letters a bit. Most would expect fluid characters, so we experimented with highly structured serif characters. However, this was a bit too extreme.

From there, we thought about how a river moves through a landscape. This allowed for marks that felt a bit more accessible. The look of these marks ranged from modern to earthy traditional. 

Our last set of rough sketches had a structured base with organic accents that could visually hold their ground through contrast.

Preliminary Designs

When we design, especially when we design logos, all of our preliminary presentations are in black and white and maybe gray. If a design is strong, that should still be clear even in neutrals. If a color is added too early it serves more as a distraction. We believe color should enhance a design not make the design. We presented these logos as neutrals first, then per our client's request we offered a few color options.

Our client Amma had a hard time choosing which preliminary logo she wanted to move forward with so she decided she wanted SG23 to try and pull elements from her favorite options. Amma leaned most towards the second and third options. She felt that the second option was the most dynamic. The third option felt the most clean and high-end. 

Logo Development

In our third pass we created a number of "combination logos." These explorations were developed in an effort to combine the second and third options from our preliminary set of designs. We used the "f" to cut through the stripe in many cases, the first option here being the most abstract.

Flo Creative Logo

Final Logo

Some of the third pass logo designs were quite interesting, but the design was not quite there yet. Amma and I had the pleasure of attending the Creative Africa exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and got some wonderful inspiration. There was a textile there that was nearly identical to a Ghanan piece that Amma's grandmother left to her before she passed. This significant information pushed the design to its final iteration which is seen here.

We paired the organic, strong mark that abstractly resembles a landscape with a structured serif typeface. Amma also we requested a version with a charcoal background to use an an alternate for some of her stationary and website.