Fidelity Trust Company - Marked as a Cafe, Market & Community Start-Up


One building typology to survive the decimation of Philadelphia's shopping avenues is the commercial bank, often with neoclassical architectural elements. Some of them are still used for their original purpose, but most others have been adapted for new uses - a pharmacy, fast food restaurant, and grocery among them. At 1019-1021 West Lehigh Avenue, adjacent to a former Philadelphia Savings Fund branch occupied by Citizen's Bank: the former North Philadelphia branch of the Fidelity Trust Company.

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Entry Level Floor Plan

1.Entry 2.Existing Stair to Second Level  3.Storage  4.Existing Elevator5.Cafe Seating  6.Ordering and Sales Counter  7.Grocery   8.Communal Cafe Seating  9.Men's Restroom 10.Women's Restroom  11.ADA Restroom  12.Existing HVAC

Second Level Floor Plan

1. Existing Stair  2.Existing HVAC  3.Existing Elevator  4.Casual Seating  5.Workspace  6.Conference Room  7.Kitchenette  8.ADA Bathroom  9.Rear Exterior Stair  10.Roof Below