Of the Stars and Moon

Photography: Plate 3
Contractor: John Trasser

As the owners of Cherry Hill prepared to welcome their first child, their world was full of mystery, especially given that they chose to keep the gender a surprise. In a move to convert the guest room into a nursery, the design favors warm, neutral hues of grays and yellows to suit either boy or girl. From these colors sprang a clear celestial theme of moon and stars. 

Sun Moon and Stars Nursery Artwork
Baby's Room Duck

The inspiration comes through boldly in the wallpaper which lines the crib’s wall. The remaining walls were painted in a matching soft gray with non-VOC paint to ensure safety for the mother during the renovations. Playing further on the wallpaper’s skyscape hangs a mobile of golden starts and moon, a crescent-shaped shelf, and tender lunar art pieces. Nestled between two sun-producing windows sits a gray and white glider within arm’s reach of outward-facing bookshelves. 

Overall, the nursery hones a simplicity and timeless akin to its celestial theme. The design captures the affection and wholesomeness that comes with starting a family, offering a peaceful place for the family to begin and grow. 

Changing Table