Why You Should Integrate Brand Identity + Workspace

When I talk to potential clients about a commercial space they often don’t bring up company branding at all. In fact, I would say that for some businesses it’s an after-thought, when it should be quite the opposite.

When I work with a commercial client, the first thing I ask for is their graphics standards manual or branding package. A brand identity includes a visual concept that can be translated into the design of a space so that your company’s mission is conveyed cohesively from your letterhead to your conference room. If a client doesn’t have a brand identity in place, I suggest that we create one.

Brand integration is important because you want people to walk into your space and have a general understanding your company’s priorities before anyone says a word, so you can attract your ideal client and employees. For example, your company specializes in fitness then the interior is likely going to feel more energetic than a company that specializes in sleep studies. An office space has the opportunity to set the tone and convey a brand vibe.

When you think about your office space, think about the experience. Think about what someone will see when they walk into the lobby. Do they see your company logo right away? Is the reception area spacious or intimate? Do they have a view into a formal conference room? Do they have a view into the lounge where they can casually sit with team members before a big meeting starts?

Think about who you want to work in your space. Are you looking for well-seasoned veterans or younger professionals that are a few years out of college? Is your team more collaborative or do they tend to work individually or is it a combination of both? The workspace needs to compliment the team that you envision using your space as well.

Your workspace serves as an opportunity to reinforce what your company stands for and what you’re working towards. Need help integrating your company brand into your office? Schedule your free design strategy session!

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