Movies with Great Architecture

I am not sure about you, but I am one of those designers that gasps when beautiful architecture is destroyed in an action movie. I pay just as much attention to the architecture as I do to the main characters. The settings of a film can completely set the mood in some cases. Here a few of my favorite movies with impressive architecture.

1. The International

This film has a plot line full of company and government conspiracies and moves through Germany, Italy, New York and Turkey. Most of the architecture is early 20th century and modern and during some of the scenes I could not help but notice the large scale of the interiors. Featured structures are the Phaeno Science Center by the late Zaha Hadid and Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright (I am still wondering how they shot this crazy scene). Viewers are also lucky enough to see beautiful traditional turkish architecture in Istanbul.

2. Ex Machina

I am going to be honest, the film Ex Machina scared the heck out of me. The director, Alex Garland provided a refreshing approach regarding the idea of artificial intelligence which really made me think. The Juvet Landscape Hotel by Jensen & Skodvin Architects was utilized for this film. In a remote location, this structure is made of mostly wood, concrete, steel and glass which is sleek, but still manages to blend into the landscape. In addition, for many of the interior scenes, a suite of concrete rooms was built at England's Pinewood Studios. The interior architecture is fantastic, a little claustrophobic, but fantastic and enhanced with strategic lighting. The setting strongly reinforces the concepts of the film. Pollock and Klimt paintings are also seen in the interiors.

3. Midnight in Paris

Have you ever watched a film in which the location feels like a character in itself? This is one of those films, one of those Woody Allen films to be more specific. Midnight in Paris takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are lovely scenes that include people strolling through Parisian shops, having wine tastings, walking over beautiful bridges and even touring Versailles. So picturesque. The opening scene says it all.  I must go to Paris!