Kristen Marie Parker Photography

I stumbled upon Kristen Marie's beautiful work on Instagram. Kristen Marie is based in Seattle, but travels all over the country and world. Her photographs are so tangible and convey such a strong sense of place. Her ability to capture light in places like the depths of a forest are incredible.

Check out her website and Instagram account.

So much if Kristen's work reminds me of my first trip to the Northwest to visit a dear friend in Oregon. We had the opportunity to drive along the misty and rocky coast which is different than any beaches I have ever been to and for me some of the most beautiful landscape I have seen thus far.

I have been to tropical white sand beaches, rocky European beaches and Central American black volcanic beaches, but the Oregon coast feels so much more mysterious. The forests that top the rocky cliffs are what inspired me to design the Mist Collection for Studio Novelty. The tide pools are pretty amazing as well - I never expected to see star fish in Oregon, as naive as that may be.

I need to make it to Seattle at some point!