Grab the Reins

In two weeks, I will be celebrating the day I officially started SG23 Design on my 26th Birthday.

This is the Creative Mornings talk that really got me to start thinking seriously about running my own studio (now studios), whether or not I knew it at the time. I was at a point in my life that although I had an awesome job at a prestigious firm, I felt creatively stifled. As a creative, feeling stifled has the potential to get become quite draining. At the time, I had become interested in updating my portfolio and considered putting it online. CONSIDERED putting my portfolio online. If I didn't feel old before, I do now.

Coming across this Creative Mornings talk was perfect timing. Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator and type design that seems to have a love affair with Brooklyn, but has since migrated to San Francisco. She has done work for awesome clients like Wes Anderson and has worked for lovely talents such as Louise Fili in NYC and Headcase Design in Philadelphia.

What impresses me most is her attitude toward learning new things that can only be helpful to you in the future. Why more people do not have her mentality blows my mind. I realized I have a similar mentality and it has always served me well, especially in regards to my career. Learn the tools you need to in order to get things done. At least try. As Jessica states, it really is liberating.

In this particular talk Jessica talks about html and css coding. This drove me to take a series of consecutive workshops at Tyler School of Art (which happens to be Jessica's alma mater) and learn to code. I have not only updated my portfolio since then but I also built two companies. Thank you for the motivation Jessica.