11th & Market

For anyone who has been in downtown Philadelphia it has likely be difficult to notice that the building at 11th and Market is in the process of being demolished. What I noticed was all the traditional detailing that was hidden behind all that marble and metal cladding! It is amazing what is discovered when buildings are torn down - what is unfortunate is that very few people of the current or future eras are going to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Below are some snapshots I managed to get close to the site. I just hope someone is salvaging something from this building! This is one of those many moments when I wish I had a huge warehouse just to save some of these architectural elements.

Demolition site from Market Street (Photo: Shila Griffith)

Column details at the corner of 11th and Market (Photo: Shila Griffith)

Column and frieze details (Photo: Shila Griffith)

Beautiful column and frieze details hidden behind cladding! (Photo: Shila Griffith)