The Numbers.

Current Age: 31

Age I knew I wanted to be a designer: 13

Total years of formal education at accredited university: 6 (undergraduate + graduate) 

Years of professional experience: 10

Total national certifications: 2

Years teaching at Moore College of Art & Design: 4

My name is Shila Scarlet Griffith and I get my artistic side from my father and my grit from my mother. I am a formally educated and trained, NCIDQ certified and LEED accredited interior designer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in interior design and master’s degree in sustainable design - both from Philadelphia University.

My past professional experience is in residential and commercial interior design, high-end residential interior architecture, sustainable design, graphic design and website design and development. On the 23rd of March 2012 (my 26th birthday), I started SG23 Design, LLC a small multidisciplinary studio.

In addition, I teach a color design studio in the continuing education program at Moore College of Art and Design and I was a columnist for Hidden City with my side project Marked Potential.

From the time I step into a space or meeting, the wheels are already turning.